What is this?

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club! is a game, that comes in multiple episodes.

How does saving work?
Your game progress (or more specifically, episode progress) is saved automatically in your web browser. So you don't have to do anything to save the game. But if you want to continue playing in another web browser without losing your progress, click the "?" button inside the game, and copy the link that's in there. And if you want to start the game from the beginning - THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR CURRENT PROGRESS - click here.


By kbrecordzz
Story ideas: H. Von Asrik
Game ideas: Rumble Raz
Ideas: Desperado
'Epper: Mr. Jon Athan
Terrain: Based on Graham Relf's "The Forest"
AI art: craiyon.com & lexica.art
Songs: sfabian, Naomi Benham
Background image: Sachiko Mili

Behind the scenes